Saturday, October 18, 2008


Took the pony to WEC again today, not quite as much happening, but Western riding event still on with plenty of trucks, floats and horses around.

He was a lot more relaxed, and despite being in a yard all by himself (no horses at all in that set of yards) was pretty good when I went away for a ride on Willie - walked around with his head up, but certainly nothing more than Willie himself would have done in that situation.

Oh, and he seems quite sensible if things go wrong too. For instance.... when the buckle of your headcollar gets snared in your haynet, and the whole yard rail that haynet is attached to becomes detached from the post and is hanging free effectively being supported by the buckle of your headcollar, there is not much you can do other then either wait to be rescued, or panic. Thankfully, he chose the first option. A photo of his expression would have been classic.

Geared him up and hopped straight on today. Walked and trotted him around carpark, weaving in and out of trucks, and apart from a good look at a few things he really didnt put a foot wrong. So I would have to say that playing it quietly yesterday paid off today.

Then there is the saga of Sox - who thinks he is just gorgeous, and I think it's mutual. Her paddock friend Kit, I dont think really has too much idea that she is being a little t@rt however, and is just concerned that his best friend is more interested in the big boys.

Aren't I gorgeous - you know you want me!

Hang on - what you doing talking to MY friend

Ooooooh; hello Boys

Argh; you two are boring....."Come back pretty girl"......

Peace restored.

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