Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My very first ZERO

Kaurilands 05.06.2011

Well, the wee boy was just a tad full of himself, skedaddling at every opportunity and at every excuse. Warmed him up on the grass arena and it was somewhat interesting. I rather think he was nappy because he had TWO friends back at the yards.

I got really frustrated, as I just couldnt work him through it...he just remained stuck behind my leg, overbent, and skedaddling.

Oh well, went in and gave the tests a go anyway - he was quite simply not going to get away with that behaviour without at least doing a test.
First test he was pretty awful, and I hadnt intended to try the canters he was so awful, but did anyway only to be rewarded with an interesting skedaddle, spin around (and nearly slipped over)...oh well, at least I tried. We consequently got a course error for that (? - he did actually do the correct movement - he cantered between the was after that he skedaddled), and a zero for the circle R 20m(were trotting again by that stage).

Not sure why I got marked with the second course error either...we were to walk at A, which we did??

Oh well, it was such a dreadful test, it's not like it made any difference anyway...AND...I at least completed the test on the naughty wee pony!

Ended up on 45% (there were a couple of 6's -GO me!)

Second test, was perhaps marginally better, and he did get some 7's, funny enough for his canter trans (the trans was great, it was the skedaddle that followed that wasnt so great), his walk, and a trans to trot.

And we scored ... a grand total of....52.8%

Rider comment "You did the right thing in taking him quietly to get him through it"

Not particularly looking forward to his next outing either, but at least I got more frustrated than scared....not that I enjoyed it!!