Saturday, August 15, 2009

Decision Time ?

Have now had to work through some new ideas the pony had...i.e, if I lean down to cough, I can then put my head down and buck, which then means I am no longer working in that frame (which is such hard work) and I can skedaddle where I like :)

I 'think' we are now back to our plain old skedaddles which tend to remain somewhat constant to a greater or lesser extent - probably depending upon how confident (or not) I am feeling at the time.

Oh, and restricting his grass intake has absolutely definitely meant a saner horse (still naughty, but not demented). Difficulty is, that it is getting harder to restrict him. From trotting up to electric tape and popping over, he will now walk up to it, pop over, and within one stride have his head down eating.

Right you bugger, I thought, I'll stop that nonsense.

Up with a second electric tape, a good meter away from the first.
Raided the house for every plastic bag I could muster, and went about tying them all around the outside tape....yep; that'll be far too scary to jump.

Well, that lasted....oh, at a random guess....about ten minutes maximum. Although he does feel the need to pop into a canter to jump that. every morning when the boys go out, I put Willie in behind the scary plastic bag double tape (he was also rather feeling the effects of the grass), then in goes Sampson...then out comes Sampson....grrrr....I am just going to have to hope that the evening on hay and off the grass is enough to keep him sane; meantime he gets to practice jumping a couple of times each day.

Anywho: was really looking forward to the final Kaurilands day as he had been going great at home.

Arrived, having even washed and prettied up his tail (he has a lovely tail)...wearing his new (pink) headcollar and leadrope - which of course everyone dissed me about.

He was lovely and relaxed, went to warm up and initially he was relaxed, the whammo, game on. First was a head in the air and away we go....ha ha mum you cant stop me, then it was simply skedaddle after skedaddle with a mouth like rock and totally blocking with his shoulder. Not a pleasant feeling as there simply isnt much control. I am afraid I got off him, then felt awful for doing that, and got back on again for a repeat performance (three times!)...when we almost entered an arena at E, I thought maybe it was time to call it quits for the day....yet still feeling like the blighter had won....I know he was not upset, nervous, or worried; he was simply taking the mickey out of me...grrrr

Indeed, he was extremely relaxed standing in the middle of the warm up with horses milling all around.

However, during the week following I did continue to ride him, albeit with the odd moment of anxiety, and dealt with the skedaddles; not that he really did any. Back to the centre for a lesson, and the whole lesson was simply about me relaxing (and of course believing in myself that I can deal with it), so all back in the positive frame of mind again...yay.

However, I have had mum (and Dave) trying to tell me I should sell him, he's too much for me, I'm getting older etc etc....which really doesnt help the psyche when you are trying to build your belief in yourself.

Instructor put it in perspective which was JUST what I needed. Yes, you are capable of dealing with it, he's basically a sensible horse, but how about setting yourself a time frame: say, a year, and then decide.

Take him through Summer and see where you are at.
Obviously if one gets to the point where they are terrified to ride the horse, and dont enjoy it when they do, it is time.....but I actually LOVE riding him, he feels wonderful a lot of the do however have to stay awake; but then, that's young horses for you.

So, that is now decisions yet....give it time, and dont pressure yourself into 'having' to compete just yet.

Onwards and upwards