Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First, to buy a pony

Although I was not particularly looking for a new pony, a friend saw an ad for a pony of the 'right' size and so set the scene for a new purchase.

He is very light in condition, and somewhat bigger than I had anticipated. Unfortunately sore with a stone bruise so we werent able to put him through his paces, but he certainly seemed a kind fellow.

Having hummed and harred after first meeting the pony, I then decided that if my saddles didnt fit, there was no decision to make.

Met him again and found that one of my saddles seems to be ok on him. Saarin didnt seem at all intimidated by his size, and her first comment was that he had a very trusting look.

Next big hurdle: to break it to the other half.
Spent all evening churning and stewing over it.

Finally broached the subject: "I have something to tell you.....ummmm I want to get another horse"....
wait for the outburst, and arguments.....
"That's fine, we've plenty of grass: it's not like its Winter"
Jaw dropping....speechless
"You know I like the horses, I always go and say hello to them every morning"

I just about burst into tears - it was definitely not the reaction I had anticipated.


without further ado
Here are the "before" photos