Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Waihou Dressage 6 May 2012

Having expected a feral monster, I was pleasantly surprised.
I had decided that Sampson needed a break and turn out more than he need to do the three day, so had reduced him work, and he had also been getting daily grass turn out (although I did bring him in for a few days immediately prior to his last outing of the season!). I had also made no changes to his feeding regime. The one thing I did do though, is give him some liquid magnesium (and toxin binders the night before)
Anyway, he warmed up with no skeddadles whatsoever, and apart from a couple of moments in his test, held it together. He was very rideable.
Quite a few 7's and an 8
7's for paces and impulsion, 6 for submission "sometimes gets distracted"
65.42% for 5th ribbon
And same in his second test ... he did some lovely work, albeit with a couple of moments of lost focus (how could he resist!).
Again some 7's and an 8
"Generally pleasing test. Showing some nice work. working well at this level"
60.00% for 6th ribbon

Thanks to Debbie Stevens for the photos on the day