Thursday, April 30, 2009


This week I have found two random stitches that somehow were missed in my stitch removal session.

Just cut the top off the first as it simply would not pull out -- ouch!

I will need tweezers to get hold of the one I found today, but likewise, I dont think it is going to want to go anywhere without a fight.

Oh, and we went back to the WEC, for a lesson this time.
He did not put a foot wrong, although some ground work was needed initially to get his attention where it should be.
Did some really lovely work...light rhythmic cadenced trot....and when he got tense, I was very proud of myself, as I didnt scrunch up my reins and tip forward, I just kept riding him forward. So some definite progress for both him and me.

Just have to make it habit to keep riding him, and not react to something that hasnt if he does do something, THEN I fix it, and carry on.

So all good :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Now to get some hair to grow!

And to put the size of the wound into perspective....

Well, as can be seen the wound is continuing to heal, although it seems at the moment, that the hair regrowth is not keeping up. Crossing fingers we wont end up with either a bald patch, or a patch of white hair.

After the other weekend's fiasco at the WEC, I was thrilled to have another very heartening lesson. He did have one 'moment', but it was dealt with, and he produced what I thought, was some really lovely work. I am again excited about this horse, and really do hope that I can learn to ride him.

The advice I was given with regards to his behaviour at WEC last weekend, was that I should have been brave (eeek) and basically insisted that he listen to me, and be obedient to me no matter what else is going on.
This also applies when ridden: if he starts googling and using something as an excuse to be naughty, he should be asked to 'do' something, and be expected to do so obediently and so take his mind off of whatever was irking him. Basically I need to apply the 'go' button, rather than tilt forward, gather up the reins and clutch at him. Have been practicing this week, and so far, I have found if he gets distracted by something, a wee tap to get his attention and send him forward has averted any actual naughty moments.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Time to take him to WEC again, this time with no real plans on riding or otherwise, but more just to get him out, and hopefully start him getting used to strange places (again).

No 'friends' with him this time, and he spent quite a while in the yard calling out and suchlike, and was not exactly relaxed. Then got all his gear on at which time he seemed ok.

Decided to start off by leading him round the car park paddock, and initially he was very good: relaxed and calm. Don't know what he saw, (or didnt see) or what set him off, but he became VERY worried tense and leaping about...we had the whole leap around, tail up passage thing, then bunch up and leap around again. I was having great difficulty holding him, and keeping out of his way! Eventually I got him back to the yard, and just let him chill again for a while.

Then I did get on him, but he was incredibly tense....felt just like a coiled spring. So I just walked him around close to the truck for a short while before getting off. Then I lead him over to the sand arena and around there before going back to the truck.

Even loading him something kept spooking him and he would go all tense and leap not sure where his brains were today. I did feel however, that he was not being naughty, but was simply feeling very insecure and spooky!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

14.04.09 - Awesome lesson

Had a great lesson today with the big lad basically not putting a foot wrong.

But my goodness I am going to have to learn to cope with the feel of him going forward properly (and not grab the reins 'just in case').

Basically we taught him to move forward off my leg and not curl up behind the contact.
He was also introduced to what the dressage whip actually means - something I had not really thought of previously given that he was lighter when I rode with the dressage whip, so simply took it for granted that he knew it's purpose.

I was told to halt, and sit there, NOT using my legs AT ALL. Then to tap with the dressage whip gradually increasing speed and intensity until he moved forward.....I could not believe how long he stood with no reaction! My arm was aching and it was really hard to keep going. At one stage he turned his head and looked at the whip as if to say "WTF?". Finally he took a tentative step. Next attempt took half the time, and then the next time he understood completely.

What a difference though! Each time he fell behind my leg, a squeeze with the legs, if no reaction a tap with the whip and off he went. I could also feel him starting to swing from behind. I also had to make myself ride with longer reins and allow him to seek the contact (and somehow trust that he wouldnt skidaddle)

Very pleased with our progress.....lots to work on too.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Norty Norty Pony!

As the wee lad had been coming on pretty well at home, and barely a hoof wrong for about ten days, I thought it was time to re-introduce him to the big wide world. So off we toddled to the WEC with a four legged friend for company.

However, he did become quite insecure, and used it as an excuse to be very naughty. Miranda kindly offered to hop on him, and he soon found out that small people are often less intimidated by his size than big people. There were quite a few skedaddles, but she coped really well, and there were some nice soft moments interspersed with naughty skidaddles.

He also decided that he had forgotten all of his mounting block lessons, so I did some more, whilst Miranda worked her own horse. Then I couldnt resist but to get back on him myself, planning on riding in a 'safer' zone, close to the gate. There were of course some skidaddles, but I think I managed to thwart most of his naughty thoughts, apart from one strange leap in the air, where we collided heads...ouch. However I am very proud of myself for firstly getting back on and secondly dealing with it - without doing too much of the old nanna clip clop tilt!
Thanks to Miranda for the lovely photos

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As the injury is healing, I seem to be taking the photos closer, so in comparison the wound itself does not look much smaller. However, you can clearly see the way the wound itself is contracting inwards.

As can be seen, the injury is now smaller than the palm of my hand. He still finds it itchy, but I guess that is to be expected.

Thankfully, he seems to have recouped any lost weight pretty quickly, and indeed the girth is considerably tighter. He certainly doesnt look like a big horse just standing there ... until you get a bit closer that is!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Week

Nanna is gradually gaining confidence, and there have been no naughty moments over the past week. He has had the odd 'thinking' moment, but I have simply flexed him around my inside leg and all has been good. Back to being hard work it may be time to bring out the dressage whip again, and hone his forward button.

Today, having had yesterday off, I got on and walked on a long rein right up the drive to the front paddock and around the whole paddock on each rein....NO problems whatsoever (indeed he didnt even shy where Willie had!)