Saturday, April 25, 2009

Now to get some hair to grow!

And to put the size of the wound into perspective....

Well, as can be seen the wound is continuing to heal, although it seems at the moment, that the hair regrowth is not keeping up. Crossing fingers we wont end up with either a bald patch, or a patch of white hair.

After the other weekend's fiasco at the WEC, I was thrilled to have another very heartening lesson. He did have one 'moment', but it was dealt with, and he produced what I thought, was some really lovely work. I am again excited about this horse, and really do hope that I can learn to ride him.

The advice I was given with regards to his behaviour at WEC last weekend, was that I should have been brave (eeek) and basically insisted that he listen to me, and be obedient to me no matter what else is going on.
This also applies when ridden: if he starts googling and using something as an excuse to be naughty, he should be asked to 'do' something, and be expected to do so obediently and so take his mind off of whatever was irking him. Basically I need to apply the 'go' button, rather than tilt forward, gather up the reins and clutch at him. Have been practicing this week, and so far, I have found if he gets distracted by something, a wee tap to get his attention and send him forward has averted any actual naughty moments.

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