Thursday, April 30, 2009


This week I have found two random stitches that somehow were missed in my stitch removal session.

Just cut the top off the first as it simply would not pull out -- ouch!

I will need tweezers to get hold of the one I found today, but likewise, I dont think it is going to want to go anywhere without a fight.

Oh, and we went back to the WEC, for a lesson this time.
He did not put a foot wrong, although some ground work was needed initially to get his attention where it should be.
Did some really lovely work...light rhythmic cadenced trot....and when he got tense, I was very proud of myself, as I didnt scrunch up my reins and tip forward, I just kept riding him forward. So some definite progress for both him and me.

Just have to make it habit to keep riding him, and not react to something that hasnt if he does do something, THEN I fix it, and carry on.

So all good :)

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