Saturday, April 18, 2009


Time to take him to WEC again, this time with no real plans on riding or otherwise, but more just to get him out, and hopefully start him getting used to strange places (again).

No 'friends' with him this time, and he spent quite a while in the yard calling out and suchlike, and was not exactly relaxed. Then got all his gear on at which time he seemed ok.

Decided to start off by leading him round the car park paddock, and initially he was very good: relaxed and calm. Don't know what he saw, (or didnt see) or what set him off, but he became VERY worried tense and leaping about...we had the whole leap around, tail up passage thing, then bunch up and leap around again. I was having great difficulty holding him, and keeping out of his way! Eventually I got him back to the yard, and just let him chill again for a while.

Then I did get on him, but he was incredibly tense....felt just like a coiled spring. So I just walked him around close to the truck for a short while before getting off. Then I lead him over to the sand arena and around there before going back to the truck.

Even loading him something kept spooking him and he would go all tense and leap not sure where his brains were today. I did feel however, that he was not being naughty, but was simply feeling very insecure and spooky!

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