Thursday, April 16, 2009

14.04.09 - Awesome lesson

Had a great lesson today with the big lad basically not putting a foot wrong.

But my goodness I am going to have to learn to cope with the feel of him going forward properly (and not grab the reins 'just in case').

Basically we taught him to move forward off my leg and not curl up behind the contact.
He was also introduced to what the dressage whip actually means - something I had not really thought of previously given that he was lighter when I rode with the dressage whip, so simply took it for granted that he knew it's purpose.

I was told to halt, and sit there, NOT using my legs AT ALL. Then to tap with the dressage whip gradually increasing speed and intensity until he moved forward.....I could not believe how long he stood with no reaction! My arm was aching and it was really hard to keep going. At one stage he turned his head and looked at the whip as if to say "WTF?". Finally he took a tentative step. Next attempt took half the time, and then the next time he understood completely.

What a difference though! Each time he fell behind my leg, a squeeze with the legs, if no reaction a tap with the whip and off he went. I could also feel him starting to swing from behind. I also had to make myself ride with longer reins and allow him to seek the contact (and somehow trust that he wouldnt skidaddle)

Very pleased with our progress.....lots to work on too.

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