Sunday, April 12, 2009

Norty Norty Pony!

As the wee lad had been coming on pretty well at home, and barely a hoof wrong for about ten days, I thought it was time to re-introduce him to the big wide world. So off we toddled to the WEC with a four legged friend for company.

However, he did become quite insecure, and used it as an excuse to be very naughty. Miranda kindly offered to hop on him, and he soon found out that small people are often less intimidated by his size than big people. There were quite a few skedaddles, but she coped really well, and there were some nice soft moments interspersed with naughty skidaddles.

He also decided that he had forgotten all of his mounting block lessons, so I did some more, whilst Miranda worked her own horse. Then I couldnt resist but to get back on him myself, planning on riding in a 'safer' zone, close to the gate. There were of course some skidaddles, but I think I managed to thwart most of his naughty thoughts, apart from one strange leap in the air, where we collided heads...ouch. However I am very proud of myself for firstly getting back on and secondly dealing with it - without doing too much of the old nanna clip clop tilt!
Thanks to Miranda for the lovely photos

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