Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still Hunting??

Had Sammie home while Wendy was at the 3De, which was great. Made the most of it, riding him every day barring the last...he felt wonderful!

Picked up trial horse last Sunday, (Sammie going back to Wendy Monday) and was quite excited to try him out. He seemed a lovely boy, with a lovely expression and outlook and had already completed a few training trials so on his way. He was also plenty big enough.

Unfortunately, I just didnt like him, and nothing I could even put my finger on....I just didnt feel happy on him, despite him doing absolutely nothing wrong. Perhaps it was that I am used to more horse in front of me (my breastplate which is fine on Willie and Sampson, absolutely swamped him). He didn't have the nice mouth that my two have got, and was more inconsistent in his contact and did tend to come right up from trot to canter....but that's nothing that cant be schooled??

I persevered for the week, before deciding. I also got Saarin to ride him so I could see what he looked like and get her feedback. I wasnt really inspired watching him, and funnily enough, Saarin didnt feel happy on him either.

I know I am comparing everything else to both Willie and Sampson, but I guess that is only natural; after all, if I am looking to replace Sampson, I have to feel at least as happy, if not more so, on it than riding Sampson. Otherwise what is the point?I will see how things pan out, but I am starting to toy with the idea of having a more confident rider start him out a few times, to get over those usual first outing nerves....or even having someone do a season, or half season on him?? (it really is quite fun seeing your horse being ridden well)....and maybe see how I feel riding him out and about then???

Still undecided, but will go with the flow.
Meantime, it is lovely to see how he is progressing with Wendy; she rides them so nicely.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kaurilands 16.05.010

Is it wrong to think one's own horse is rather beautiful, and makes others around him look somewhat mediocre?

Watching him warm up, he looked lovely.

His first test was up on the grass right in front of all the activity, and he did get quite distracted at kids, and loud noises and all the goings on, but Wendy rode him absolutely beautifully...she has the ability to stay focussed and relaxed and reassure him when he needs it.

His trotwork was lovely, although he lost focus a little in his canter, and with his right canter he did struggle to maintain it, with quite a lot of the movements being in trot having broken. Although he broke once on the left lead, he did manage to keep going.

Despite the lack of canter, he placed 5th and was only 4% off first place!

In his second test he was on the sand, and a little more relaxed, the only mistake being a sideways step at the halt, which actually cost him the win!

His test sheets read like ones I dream of getting, with high marks pretty much throughout.

I am absolutely blown away by what Wendy has achieved in just one week, and watching my pony I realise I am right in thinking he is something special (yeah, ok so I might be a little biassed!)

I can now see that I would get so much enjoyment in just seeing my pony out competing with a good rider, as an that is yet another option for me to consider if he doesnt sell (is it wrong that I am now hoping and praying he doesnt sell?)

And could it possibly be the case, that once he has had a season under his belt with a confident rider to see him through his insecurities (young horse thing), that I could ride him myself?

Or do I just go with the flow, and if he sells, he sells, and if he doesnt, it's not such a big deal either?
Oh dear, the dilemmas!

Tough Decisions (Part II)

Having decided that he would be more suited to a more confident rider (probably a man, given his size), I set about looking for a replacement.

A bank loan was organised to bridge the gap, also with the idea that if I found something to go on with to take his place, it would be easier to let him go.

Easier said than done.

So far I have found that 17 hands does not actually mean the horse is 17 hands (which worries me somewhat if I go to look at a horse advertised as 16.2). One 17 hander was lucky to be 16.2, and another was quite a bit smaller than Willie, although given its build was plenty big enough.

I have even looked well above my price bracket, and so far I am afraid nothing comes close to replacing Sampson. OK, I havent actually been to see many so far, with most being crossed off the list after a few further questions...but what I have seen has disappointed me.

I guess it is simply a matter of time before I find the right one, but given that my loan enables me to consider spending more than I have ever dreamed of spending on a horse before, I am surprised at my experiences.

And all this does is make me start to doubt my decision to sell.
Especially having seen how my pony goes after only one week with Wendy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010 for a bit of 'proper' schooling

Well the big pony is off to spend some time with Wendy for some schooling, and after much thought and deliberation, to be put on the market.

The seed was planted when someone asked me if I wanted to sell him, as they knew of a tall man looking for a big horse.

Given that after a couple of days rain, and a flush of grass, a few skedaddles seemed to undermine the confidence I had built up over the past six months. Why? I don't know....I had reached the point where if they occurred they didnt worry me too much. Maybe other things in my life have affected my riding?

So, at this stage, the plan is that he is to go for schooling and then be sold on behalf :(