Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still Hunting??

Had Sammie home while Wendy was at the 3De, which was great. Made the most of it, riding him every day barring the last...he felt wonderful!

Picked up trial horse last Sunday, (Sammie going back to Wendy Monday) and was quite excited to try him out. He seemed a lovely boy, with a lovely expression and outlook and had already completed a few training trials so on his way. He was also plenty big enough.

Unfortunately, I just didnt like him, and nothing I could even put my finger on....I just didnt feel happy on him, despite him doing absolutely nothing wrong. Perhaps it was that I am used to more horse in front of me (my breastplate which is fine on Willie and Sampson, absolutely swamped him). He didn't have the nice mouth that my two have got, and was more inconsistent in his contact and did tend to come right up from trot to canter....but that's nothing that cant be schooled??

I persevered for the week, before deciding. I also got Saarin to ride him so I could see what he looked like and get her feedback. I wasnt really inspired watching him, and funnily enough, Saarin didnt feel happy on him either.

I know I am comparing everything else to both Willie and Sampson, but I guess that is only natural; after all, if I am looking to replace Sampson, I have to feel at least as happy, if not more so, on it than riding Sampson. Otherwise what is the point?I will see how things pan out, but I am starting to toy with the idea of having a more confident rider start him out a few times, to get over those usual first outing nerves....or even having someone do a season, or half season on him?? (it really is quite fun seeing your horse being ridden well)....and maybe see how I feel riding him out and about then???

Still undecided, but will go with the flow.
Meantime, it is lovely to see how he is progressing with Wendy; she rides them so nicely.

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Waterford Estate said...

Wow he looks fabulous Fiona. I see your dilemma :o)