Friday, June 4, 2010

Change of Heart

How surprising!

Like many others before me, I changed my mind about selling.

I think if the initial agent had managed to contact his buyer sooner, I wouldn't have had the time for my doubts about selling to grow. The agent had looked at the pony, liked him and asked for first option, which then delayed him being listed on the open market.

However, no sooner was he listed than people wanted to view him. As soon as someone had made an appointment I knew I wasn't ready to sell.

Maybe I had to go through this exercise to realise that in my heart of hearts, it is not the right thing at this moment. It may be that down the track it is the right thing to do, and I will be more sure of my decision at that time (hopefully).

I think also, having looked for a replacement with a budget MUCH higher than any I have ever had before, it made me realise that it isn't that simple.

17h does not necessarily mean 17h, indeed it seems you are lucky if it is a good 16.2 (which is big enough anyway).
Good paces and 'straight' movers often dish.
Never bucked, reared, shied etc, means that on viewing the horse does some big leaps at trot, then proceeds to hop behind at the canter.

The horses that I actually got to the point of looking at, and even riding, just didn't cut the mustard. In fact the ones I tried, I found that I quite simply did not feel happy on. And funnily enough, having ridden them, Sampson suddenly felt so much safer - added to which he is a lovely ride anyway.

And of course good old Willie: he's also a tough act to follow in terms of comfort.

Maybe I am just spoilt.

Well, too bad.
Now to continue to work on the confidence, and Tally Ho!!

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Waterford Estate said...

That's awesome Fi, I've also changed my mind about selling Mack. He's booked in to be started around Sept/Oct. Here's to our wonderful ponies!