Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Awesome lesson 28.06.010

Toddled out to Wendy's, where Sammie is 'at boarding school', and had a SJ lesson.

Sampson didn't put a foot wrong, and I was thrilled to find that I had not one moment of even slight concern, or the "what if's".

Hard work though....we did a lot of work on my position, and in particular keeping the lower leg in the right place, rather than swinging. In fact, if I hadn't swung it so much in the early part of the lesson I may not now be in agony with a large rub on my leg. So much for cheap chaps...the burn on my leg is not nice, and extremely stingy in the shower.

Lots of work on two point, working on balance and maintaining leg position.

And trying to simply sit and wait for the jump, whilst maintaining rhythm and impulsion.

Sampson just kept on doing his thing while I tried again and again to get it right - lucky for him I did - eventually.

Interesting also, that now I am learning to ride Wilson more forward focusing more on getting him to come from behind, he and Sampson feel a lot more similar to ride. OK, Willie doesn't have the spring from behind of Sampson, but I felt yesterday riding the two of them, that there was FAR less difference between the two of them. I also didn't feel that Sampson was going too fast at all, which initially had been my feeling when going from one to the other. So that tells me that I am also riding Willie much better all good!

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Waterford Estate said...

Yay! That's awesome progress :o)