Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kaurilands - 13.06.010

Sampson is now an old hand at this dressage lark, and he is ever improving under Wendy's careful schooling.

He just seems to be getting more and more confidence, and more relaxed. Wendy has helped him heaps with his little insecurities, and it is really good for me to see first hand the fact that with a rider who does not get tense and anticipate trouble (like I tend to), Sampson manages to cope with the little distractions.

Both his tests were on the grass, which was a bit slippery for a big green horse, but he tried really hard.

First test was in torrential rain and I was so proud of him; he just kept on trucking.
I was writing for his second test (otherwise would have had some photos), and again it was a 'proud mummy' moment. He lost a little balance on occasion but overall went very nicely and he looked so relaxed.

Much kudos to Wendy for the help she gives him.

First test:
80.83 % for 2nd

Second test:
67.69% for 4th

So again a very successful outing for the wee pony.

And again, many thanks to Wendy for the wonderful job she is doing with him.

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and this is Summer said...

awesome. you must be buzzing!