Saturday, February 28, 2009


Vet is due to come back tomorrow to cut off the remaining 'flaps'.
They have started to kind of draw back, particularly the larger lower one, as can be seen in the photos.
I think it is also quite clear just how far back the flaps will need to be removed. This is going to leave a huge area which will need to heal by second intention, and I guess gradually grow skin over it from the outer edges of the wound.

In general I think the wound is looking nice and pink, and the discharge is a fraction of what it was. However, I would image that one the flaps are removed, the discharge will return with renewed vigour in an attempt to flush the new wound area.

I can clearly see where the new flesh is forming to fill in the 'hole'.

The vest seems to be sitting pretty well and preventing any movement from the cover directly against the wound. In fact, he must have had a really good roll today judging by the mud plastered on him. How he got it under his cover and over the vest is beyond me; however, the vest stayed put!

This morning I was welcomed with hunks of 'meat' on his cover (which the flies were enjoying)...took me a while to realise that he had simply had a snooze on top of some slugs!

I do think though, that the thickness of the flaps, especially where they are kind of curling under, will be compromising the healing of that area. (Especially when he lies down, or rolls)
This angle gives a bit clearer indication of the thickness of the meat of the 'flaps' which will need can also see how they are starting to dry off and curl under.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25.02.09 - 3 days on

OK, so it is only three days since the last pics, but I wanted an intermediary progress picture before the vet cuts off the remaining flaps, possibly Friday.

I can already see healing since Sunday, particularly along the left hand edge. Also the two flaps have pulled back a little and on one picture you can clearly see where the flap will have to be removed. It is going to leave a very large open wound.

The bib idea seems to be working, and prevents the cover from rubbing on the wound. However, I think at some stage I am just going to have to be brave and leave him with it open. Obviously it will get dirty and he will no doubt roll etc, but I think the sun and air will assist with the healing (hopefully).

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Progress? - I thought wounds were supposed to IMPROVE?

A further lot of stitches broke down today, leaving yet another (even larger) flap, and adding to the existing canyon.

I can see where the previous open area has started to granulate and fill a little, and I think the skin edge was becoming itchy which is probably what prompted him rolling and tearing the next piece open as well. I was met with blood sodden gamgee and a horse who will still not simply stand and eat; he is so restless. Needless to say he really does now look like a greyhound, and all his muscle is quickly wasting also.

I am very tempted to simply put him in with Willie (herd leader) on long grass and put the other two (fatties) on short stuff. He is aching to be with Willie, and it might even be that the few snarls etc from Willie will elicit less moving about than his current restlessness? Don't know what to do for the best.
Am also going to try and rig up some kind of bib to hold a dressing on the wound.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A week on

Unfortunately the wound edges are breaking down and between yesterday morning and evening, a lot of stitches gave out leaving a gaping wound.

The 'V' down his leg, although some stitches are still holding, I anticipate opening up also. With that, and the '<' up higher which is now starting to curl back, there is going to be an almighty gaping open wound.

I can see that the 'V' and '<' will probably have to be totally cut off at some stage :(

The pictures really dont do the wound is very deep and meaty and looks just yuk!

Given that I am really not happy to be away this weekend and trust others to look after him, I am going to have to scratch from Hunua; and in reality I probably wouldnt really have my mind on the job and really be able to enjoy it anyway. However, I can toddle to Hopuhopu and do some show jumping either Saturday or Sunday.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dratt - 15.02.09 (and other such expletives)

Pony has managed to burst a couple of stitches!

The was an open wound area through which the injuries have continued to drain since he did it on Wednesday. Today, he managed to burst a couple of stitches above that area on that line of injury. When he walks, all you can see if watching it, is a gaping area opening up.

Vet back again tomorrow to check on him.

I think in general most of the wound looks pretty good. There are a few areas where the stitches look a bit tenuous, but on the whole seems to be healing ok (touch wood). Some fill down his leg, and then he has a fat knee and fill from there to the fetlock...he may even have knocked his knee at the time of the accident, or of course it could be from the wound itself.

He is fed up with being inside and has basically been box walking (yard walking)...however that said he seems quite happy, doesnt appear to be in pain, and is quite relaxed - just stir crazy.
I have been giving them several periods of grazing outside each day which they appreciate.

It gets pretty hot in the yards and the flies are driving him nuts as well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

picture = 1000 words

Had a wonderful ride this morning on the wee boy.
No napping, no naughty moments - and I totally discount from that
his leaping moments upon spotting the overnight arrival in the middle of the paddock, of a horse eating darlec (Dave's incinerator).
Despite being genuinely anxious about it, he actually did nothing wrong at all. He did some lovely soft work, and although the right canter lead was still a bit stiff and his head up and wrong bend etc it is improving. THe left canter was absolutely lovely!

So imagine my horror a couple of hours later to find this:

and after Mr Frankenhorse!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lesson - 04.02.09

Had a dressage lesson today, and boy did she make me work (and the wee pony too of course).
He did some absolutely LOVELY trot work; soft, round but incredibly pingy.
I really want to see someone ride him, so I can see just what he looks like properly going.

I must be getting fitter though, as I didnt run out of puff, and I also managed to stay with him without feeling too unco.

However, when given the option of choosing between the dressage whip (he becomes much lighter and more responsive and works really well) , or the short whip (great for when he naps, to remind him to behave himself), I decided to chance it and went for the dressage whip.

Yes, some lovely lovely work was achieved, BUT, towards the end of the lesson he just couldnt resist and we had quite a few napping sessions, which I then had to work through without the aid of a whip.

The fulmer bit is such a big help when he is trying to skidaddle in his own direction, but I was also very proud of myself as again I just got annoyed, rather than scared. Not once did he succeed, and not once did I allow him to turn the way he wanted....YAY! After each nap I also immediately resumed what we had been doing.

There were a couple of wee moments earlier however, when I heard him doing his groany whistle under the saddle, and sure enough they preceded a couple of eruptions!

I need to simply learn to go with him when he goes more forward, and I am also working on trying not to tilt forward if I get a little anxious.

It was also interesting to note, that the snorting and waving his head about, only really happened when he was annoyed at signs of it when he was working and trying to please.

However, all in all, I feel a lot was achieved, and I look forward to the time he cans the napping shenanigans and I can ditch the short whip.