Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lesson - 04.02.09

Had a dressage lesson today, and boy did she make me work (and the wee pony too of course).
He did some absolutely LOVELY trot work; soft, round but incredibly pingy.
I really want to see someone ride him, so I can see just what he looks like properly going.

I must be getting fitter though, as I didnt run out of puff, and I also managed to stay with him without feeling too unco.

However, when given the option of choosing between the dressage whip (he becomes much lighter and more responsive and works really well) , or the short whip (great for when he naps, to remind him to behave himself), I decided to chance it and went for the dressage whip.

Yes, some lovely lovely work was achieved, BUT, towards the end of the lesson he just couldnt resist and we had quite a few napping sessions, which I then had to work through without the aid of a whip.

The fulmer bit is such a big help when he is trying to skidaddle in his own direction, but I was also very proud of myself as again I just got annoyed, rather than scared. Not once did he succeed, and not once did I allow him to turn the way he wanted....YAY! After each nap I also immediately resumed what we had been doing.

There were a couple of wee moments earlier however, when I heard him doing his groany whistle under the saddle, and sure enough they preceded a couple of eruptions!

I need to simply learn to go with him when he goes more forward, and I am also working on trying not to tilt forward if I get a little anxious.

It was also interesting to note, that the snorting and waving his head about, only really happened when he was annoyed at signs of it when he was working and trying to please.

However, all in all, I feel a lot was achieved, and I look forward to the time he cans the napping shenanigans and I can ditch the short whip.

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