Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dratt - 15.02.09 (and other such expletives)

Pony has managed to burst a couple of stitches!

The was an open wound area through which the injuries have continued to drain since he did it on Wednesday. Today, he managed to burst a couple of stitches above that area on that line of injury. When he walks, all you can see if watching it, is a gaping area opening up.

Vet back again tomorrow to check on him.

I think in general most of the wound looks pretty good. There are a few areas where the stitches look a bit tenuous, but on the whole seems to be healing ok (touch wood). Some fill down his leg, and then he has a fat knee and fill from there to the fetlock...he may even have knocked his knee at the time of the accident, or of course it could be from the wound itself.

He is fed up with being inside and has basically been box walking (yard walking)...however that said he seems quite happy, doesnt appear to be in pain, and is quite relaxed - just stir crazy.
I have been giving them several periods of grazing outside each day which they appreciate.

It gets pretty hot in the yards and the flies are driving him nuts as well.

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