Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A week on

Unfortunately the wound edges are breaking down and between yesterday morning and evening, a lot of stitches gave out leaving a gaping wound.

The 'V' down his leg, although some stitches are still holding, I anticipate opening up also. With that, and the '<' up higher which is now starting to curl back, there is going to be an almighty gaping open wound.

I can see that the 'V' and '<' will probably have to be totally cut off at some stage :(

The pictures really dont do the wound justice...it is very deep and meaty and looks just yuk!

Given that I am really not happy to be away this weekend and trust others to look after him, I am going to have to scratch from Hunua; and in reality I probably wouldnt really have my mind on the job and really be able to enjoy it anyway. However, I can toddle to Hopuhopu and do some show jumping either Saturday or Sunday.

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and this is Summer said...

OMG! That makes me feel quite ill. He certainly has it in for himself. I hope he heels quickly.