Saturday, February 28, 2009


Vet is due to come back tomorrow to cut off the remaining 'flaps'.
They have started to kind of draw back, particularly the larger lower one, as can be seen in the photos.
I think it is also quite clear just how far back the flaps will need to be removed. This is going to leave a huge area which will need to heal by second intention, and I guess gradually grow skin over it from the outer edges of the wound.

In general I think the wound is looking nice and pink, and the discharge is a fraction of what it was. However, I would image that one the flaps are removed, the discharge will return with renewed vigour in an attempt to flush the new wound area.

I can clearly see where the new flesh is forming to fill in the 'hole'.

The vest seems to be sitting pretty well and preventing any movement from the cover directly against the wound. In fact, he must have had a really good roll today judging by the mud plastered on him. How he got it under his cover and over the vest is beyond me; however, the vest stayed put!

This morning I was welcomed with hunks of 'meat' on his cover (which the flies were enjoying)...took me a while to realise that he had simply had a snooze on top of some slugs!

I do think though, that the thickness of the flaps, especially where they are kind of curling under, will be compromising the healing of that area. (Especially when he lies down, or rolls)
This angle gives a bit clearer indication of the thickness of the meat of the 'flaps' which will need can also see how they are starting to dry off and curl under.

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