Monday, October 8, 2012

Woodhill Sands HT 6/7 Oct 2012

After our first team effort of the season last weekend at Te Rapa, it was time to see where we stood before moving up to PN at Taupo next weekend (hopefully)

DEMENTED....He was marginally better warming up than he has been at Woodhill in the past, but once in the arena he was absolutely dreadful;  by far the worst ever!
Not sure if he was just that way, or if he was concerned about getting back to his girlfriend, or even both his friends, but his focus was totally on the truck park end of the grounds, and we had several very big leapy skedaddly moments, where I wasnt sure if we were going to leave the arena, (taking it with us) or if I would even manage to stay on this leaping maniac.
Even the judge later told me I had done very well to stay on him, and that she also wondered if we would even manage to stay in the arena!
We also managed to gain our first 1 mark.
Test A2
51% = 49 score
"disobedient, uptight, needs to relax, disobedient"

Funny that the evening before I had commented to someone that although it was lovely how soft and easy he was to ride dressage at Te Rapa, I would have like a little more spark for the jumping....spark NOT dynamite!

He was quite strong, but did jump very well going clear.
Definitely forward enough!
I am however, very disappointed at how I rode...looking at the pictures I can see that I hung onto him, and kept bringing my hands up rather than softening.
Mind you, I have gone from no energy last weekend to a steam train this!

DEMENTED warming up....again I thought I was going to hit the deck.  He completely lost the plot when a horse galloped past on course.
Very keen out of start box and although distracted around the course was forward and jumped well.
I didnt push for speed at all, but was surprised to only collect 11 time faults compared to 13 last weekend when I was kicking all the way.
Oh well, guess its just one of those things.

Photos very kindly taken by 
Michelle Horan