Sunday, February 22, 2009

Progress? - I thought wounds were supposed to IMPROVE?

A further lot of stitches broke down today, leaving yet another (even larger) flap, and adding to the existing canyon.

I can see where the previous open area has started to granulate and fill a little, and I think the skin edge was becoming itchy which is probably what prompted him rolling and tearing the next piece open as well. I was met with blood sodden gamgee and a horse who will still not simply stand and eat; he is so restless. Needless to say he really does now look like a greyhound, and all his muscle is quickly wasting also.

I am very tempted to simply put him in with Willie (herd leader) on long grass and put the other two (fatties) on short stuff. He is aching to be with Willie, and it might even be that the few snarls etc from Willie will elicit less moving about than his current restlessness? Don't know what to do for the best.
Am also going to try and rig up some kind of bib to hold a dressing on the wound.

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