Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Manuka Honey rocks!

As the wound has shrunk, the dousing with Manuka honey has formed a skin over it, hardened and fallen off with increasing regularity. Only a couple of days last time before the top fell off revealing a smaller flat sore. It has almost completely healed, and will leave just a bit of a lump visible mainly from the side (pretty much as the vet had predicted).
The wound really does look tiny now!

On the riding front, he has continued to have a wee thought of napping most days, but generally a little tap on the bulging shoulder is enough to remind him to behave. So at this point he is not really scaring me; and hopefully he won't push it any further!

Although we did have a bit of a moment where he got away on me several days ago, and with both of us pulling in different directions, I was quite disconcerted to look down and see that I had pulled the bit right through his mouth -oooops.... started him today in a fulmer so we shouldn't have that wee problem again.

However, each little victory gives me more confidence just riding him in general, and that belief in myself that I can indeed cope should he 'do' anything.

I am a little disappointed in the quality of his flatwork at present as he hasnt really got back to where I felt he was pre injury. However, although I havent had the moments of brilliance I guess he is more consistent in his frame - nice to know though that he is capable of so much more. He is moving away from the leg better, and is much more understanding of the aids.

I feel that I need to go back to the dressage whip, which was of great help in lightening him off my leg aids, but still feel I need my short whip to enable me to give him a quick one should he think of napping. At this stage the short whip wins out as I think the naughty behaviour is the one to be dealt with first.

And in terms of the snorting wheezing head flick, he has been back on grass now for a week, and apart from the odd snort, no real problems (madly touching wood). He is still on the herbal mix, and the grass is 'old' grass without seed heads. I have also not pushed him yet, so I may find when I heat him up a little more in his ridden work, we could still have a problem - we will see.

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