Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nine more days of healing

It looks to me like the wound continues to reduce in size. However, it is definitely not bothering him at all.

Have this morning put him back on the grass with his friends, and will monitor snorting etc.

Rode him midday, and apart from two snorts at the trot he was fine (and EVERY horse has reason to snort occasionally), so will keep him on the grass (and the herbal remedy) and see what happens. If it transpires I need to keep him off the grass periodically, then I guess I will have to manage that.

Riding wise, NO napping AT ALL....had one wee 'think', but I gave him one quick reminder and the idea failed to take root in his wee I just need to keep my own psyche in the right place and keep on top of it.

He went very nicely - soft and round at trot, although still hard work at canter. But all good :)

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