Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If it's not one thing; it's another

Well, Sampson is now back in normal work, and I am most disappointed to find that he still has his sneezing, wheezing, head flicking allergy thing going on.

Although there was substantial improvement as soon as I took him off the meadow chaff, it obviously set up some kind of hypersensitivity to other allergins / seeds / pollens ?? Quite frustrating as he will snort and wheeze, and head flick while you are trying to school him.

Also makes it more difficult when he is trying to go in different directions (wanting to go with his friend) and bucky leapy, as he will head flick, get the rein, and off he goes. Oh well, at least he is feeling well (despite the hayfever) I guess, but yes: VERY frustrating.

Popped him over a small cross bar (with filler) about 60cm ? a few times today and he felt lovely...way more responsive to the leg and hence easier to ride.

Update pics on injury....seems to be healing ok now (says she madly touching wood)

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and this is Summer said...

We looked after a horse recently that has a bad allergy problem (vet diagnosed). He gets a squirt up each nostril every day of one of those "over the counter" nasel sprays that people use for allergies. Seems to keep it pretty well controlled. Having seem this poor horse before he was started on the spray I can honestly say it makes a big difference to him.