Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The fall and rise

Two days ago, Sampson decided he would try the napping thing...so we got the sideways, the no go anywhere and the running backwards; all of which worried the old wuss on him! To the point where I actually got off him four times...(of course it was simply a good reason to do more mounting practice).

Finished that day settling for one tiny weeny circle just inside the paddock gate without a nap, and feeling quite upset at the turn we had taken. He was obviously getting a little too attached to his mates (at one stage he broke away from me and galloped to the corner where he stood and stared at his paddock mates). So.....into solitary confinement.

Yesterday, he again napped quite badly, although I am pleased to say I didnt get frightened. Eventually (and I am VERY slow to anger normally) I did get angry, clouted him one, and he was immediately back on good behaviour. Had been hesitant to use the whip, not really knowing how he would react.

Had a lesson today, and apart from one nap going through a paddock, whereupon I immediately clouted him twice, he couldnt have been better behaved.

Instructor loved him and thought he also had a lovely temperament, (despite the napping) saying it was just a little idea he had that we would work through.

Also pleased to say that there seemed to be no head shaking at all today (Friday last week he was nigh on impossible to ride it got so bad).....so....is it that he is in solitary on NO grass just hay, or is it the herbal medicine he started on at the same time he went into solitary confinement?

The big problem is of course that he is a huge horse and he is also fence walking while separated from his mates, so has already lost weight despite the copious amounts of hay being fed. I may let him back in with his friends after I have ridden tomorrow and see if that affects his head shaking snorting sneezy wheezy thing.

However, very pleased with the lesson, he went absolutely lovely -albeit hard work. Instructor did say to keep his sessions short at this stage ; max 20 minutes, as he is big, and needs to build up some muscle etc. Plan to have fortnightly lessons; which will also help to keep on top of the napping, if it remains a problem

...but for today I feel empowered with the victory.