Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do I, Don't I ??

He has been going so well, and I have been feeling so confident, that I put in an entry for Kaurilands.

No sooner done, than it all turns to custard: again that Mr Murphy and his blimmen law!

I had been happily riding him in whatever paddock, trotting and cantering around the perimeter (not just 'safe' little circles) and apart from the odd spook (ie ducks flying out of pond) or wee skedaddles, he was going very well, and I was able to laugh at the odd 'moment' and just carry on.

Then for some unknown reason, he was absolutely awful....I could barely trot a circle and he was off skeedaddling with butt under him, head in the air, and generally very tense (and scary). Having trotted one circle I dismounted and did a whole lot of ground work - hmmm he was very relaxed, head down, and obedient.

Next ride, back on good behaviour again.

Oh well, I will take him next weekend, and simply take it a step at a time. If all we achieve is some ground work in amongst the excitement, so be least he will have been out and about. If we progress to some ridden work, even better.
And if by some extremely slim chance, we end up actually in an arena, there will be great cause for celebration.

Now, where did I put my brave pills?

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