Friday, May 29, 2009

Lesson, 28.05.09

Having turned into a jellified nanna (as opposed to the normal nanna state), the instructor got on him first. He looked like a totally 'normal' horse (first time I have really seen him ridden), and trotted forward round the carpark with nary a look at anything.
then across the road and into the sand arena...

Apart from a wee spook at the big puddle, he was absolutely fine; ditto the grass arena with not even a spook. Oh boy, did I feel dumb! Goes to show how much they feed off of us.

He did have a wee tanty when asked to flex each way, and stiffened totally, however she soon got through that.

He really looked quite nice ridden. He moves straight and seems to have a nice rhythm, and at the canter there looks to be a wee moment of suspension, so plenty to work with. He did one moment of shortening and starting to passage when some horses were moved up the hill behind him; I was told to ENJOY it when that happens, and just go with it.

So, onto my turn....
Just need to keep the nerves in check, and resist the temptation to shorten the reins.
He was absolutely fine, and even when a horse TOTALLY crashed a jump behind him, just leapt forward a bit, then back to rhythmic trotting...(Willie would have reacted more to be honest).

He needs me to reassure him when he is feeling insecure; rather than me grabbing on tight, and supporting his notion that things might just be a bit too scary!
Oh well, just keep working at it I guess. (Rode him the following day, and all was great!)

And here he is sporting his new hair cut. He was absolutely GREAT to clip, apart from the difficulties clipping when they are trying to smooch.

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