Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Skedaddle time!

This week's lesson, he started off much more 'heightened', and very soon showed the instructor his skedaddle mode. I did cope with the first one, then the second wasnt toooo bad, but the leap in the air and skedaddle was the one that got me!

Time to get off and see how it should be dealt with.

Nice to see however, that the skedaddles arent actually a reaction to anything I am doing, but just where he is at in that moment.

Was very good for me to see how they are dealt with, and then you just keep riding. He was actually very naughty.

Nice to see that with a skilled rider, capable of riding through the 'moments', he can look quite impressive at times. It's always great to see a good rider on one's horse!

After some work by the instructor getting his attention on her, and working through, it was my turn again, so I could feel what I should be aiming at. Then some work on serpentines, and shoulder ins, concentrating on keeping a VERY light contact with him supple and flexible, and working through from inside leg to outside rein.

Rode him again today (lesson yesterday) and yes we had a couple of skedaddle moments but I was very pleased to simply ride through them and just carry on with whatever I had been doing beforehand.

There is hope for me yet!

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