Monday, June 22, 2009

Dementia in one so Young

Yes, not only is Willie feeling the effects of the grass, but Sampson was literally unrideable on Saturday (well unrideable for a nanna that is; no doubt those younger and braver would have been fine).

Put his gear on, and led him around so he could watch others jumping and riding. He was interested, but not too worried it seemed.

Then out of the blue, and for no reason I could determine, he became Mr Leapy Passagie Pony!

Would snort, leap, tail up in the air and start grunting and passaging and leaping. Some ground work to get his attention back on me, then away he would go again. This carried on for some time, and then I (stupidly) thought I would get on him.

Clambered on at the mounting block, took a few walk steps and away he went again. I firmly attached myself with the 'oh shit' strap and pulled him round. But rather than stopping him quickly he continued to circle. Finally he stopped, and we tried again....several walk steps later we were again reeling round in ever decreasing circles (he must be amazingly well balanced).

I am afraid that all I achieved was that I got so dizzy I was wobbly and whoozy. Time to get off.

However, after being dosed up on Saturday night, I rode him in the carpark at WEC on the sunday, among floats and trucks, and apart from one (normal) little spook, he was absolutely fine, and doing a lovely trot also.

Hmmmm; obviously Winter grass can also have an evil effect.
It will be interesting to see if continued supplementation will result in him continuing to be rideable.
Time will no doubt tell!


wino said...

You've got grass!

Well I'm jealous LOL

FeetNZ said...

ha ha..."had" grass

Kristal said...

LOL I so love how you word things :) Sounds like he's feeling rather good at the moment!!