Monday, May 25, 2009

17.05.09 - Kaurilands

Well for his first competition outing, the weather started off really lovely.

Took Willie and did two novice tests on him (in the sun)...not particularly good tests, but couldnt really expect too much given he is only in occasional work, and flatwork is something I tend not to do.

Then tried to take Sampson for a walk around, and he started off not too bad. Did some groundwork to try and get his attention on me, which I think kind of worked. However when I tried to take him back to his yard, he got VERY strong despite being in his bridle.

I decided not to ride him in the first test, as it was up by the clubrooms where he has never been, and there was a lot going on - even Willie was very spooky in that arena.

However, ten minutes before I was due to get on him, the heavens opened up and it was absolutely torrential rain. I decided that I wouldnt ride him in his first ever test in that then eased off to simply become heavy rain, so off I went.

Carried my mounting block down to the sand arena (very necessary piece of equipment) and got on, only to have the dressage judge tell me I was due in ... NOW. So I walked him around the arena, did a short trot, and in we went.

He actually didnt do anything wrong; even the car and windscreen wipers didnt seem to worry him. It did help I think, that the arena was right where he had been ridden there previously. He did everything he was asked, trotted cantered did circles, the free walk was pretty strange...ha ha...wiggled woggled all the way across the arena, but he seemed relaxed enough. He was nice and straight up the centre line and halted when asked. so pretty pleased really.

Scored 50%, and actually got a couple of 6's. Lots to work on obviously, but we survived our first test. YAY

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