Thursday, October 9, 2008

It jumps!

Well; had separated the three boys out while someone came to try Sox (who was most certainly on her worst behaviour - worst I have seen of her), then forgot to put the tape back up behind them.

All three came to talk to Sox who was acting like she needed 'it' NOW (which is also very unusual for her) talking to the new pony and posing for him like he is a stallion.

OK, time to get them back where they should be - only nobody wanted to go. The new pony was near the corner under the trees, Jackson coming at him on one side, Willie on the other. Two canter strides and a nice wee pop out over the tape, while ducking to miss the low hanging tree branches. Very impressive - and he obviously thought so too celebrating with a buck and a leap, and then all three hooning down to the far end (despite the new pony and willie having their new boots on over their poultices). Although I must admit it was nice to see the two of them doing something other than hobbling about at the walk.

All then settled, so we started to walk back to the house. Nope; not finished yet...flat out gallop by the two big 'lame' guys with Jackson wobbling along behind. Jackson and Willie stopping at the tape with the new pony jumping it beautifully.

Also turns out that whoever had dealt with his foot before he came (after he trod on his shoe nail) has been rather over zealous, and been far too invasive cutting into the sole and exposing flesh - so that's going to take some special care and will be a while before it properly grows out.

However, poulticing a pony in the middle of the paddock in the howling wind and rain the other day without even putting a head collar on him, says a lot for his temperament. Possibly not to be recommended for OTTB's!

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