Sunday, October 12, 2008

Green Horses

Not having ridden one for six years (when I got Willie) I had forgotten just what green horses are like: the strange steering, hanging to the other horses, creeping away, tanking back, not always effective brakes, and of course the reactions to things one tends to take for granted on schooled horses particularly when you know them so well.

Beautiful day for another ride, this time with no 'watcher'.

Two tips for future rides.
1. Do not have the two dogs anywhere near, particularly given their propensity to noisily fight (quite upsetting to a young green horse, especially when they are behind you)
2. When one has a figure somewhat resembling a greyhound, it is a very good idea to use a breastplate.

So I guess I can safely say today's ride was more exciting than yesterdays, but how I wish I had had a photographer for the trot work - I want to know if his trot looks as good as it feels. Bonus -he felt totally sound trotting on the left rein!

We did have some interesting moments, when the cows on the other side of the trees started playing, and when they broke some branches, resulting in some interesting skeedaddling sideways - but it was the dogs playing and fighting behind him that really upset him. I was not sure if he was going to take off, or explode bucking after his initial escape reaction. Having managed to dismount I think that the fact the saddle and girth were sitting precariously close to reaching the point of no return may also have contributed to the anxiety levels (mine as well had I but realised!).

Put everything back in place, got back on and decided enough of this walking lark, onto trot and he was a very good boy. The trouble with walking is that you go from SLOW to GO or skeedaddle in an instant.

Hopefully will be able to get him shod this week and start venturing out - eeeeek

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