Monday, October 20, 2008

Schooling Commences

Started working on trot circles, serpentines and figure eights today, with a few transitions thrown in for good measure.

Of course the green-ness and his size means that one has to steer rather as one would a car that badly understeers. We did however manage to avoid actually banging into anything, so that's a bonus.

I was very pleased to find that he is already becoming softer and more consistent in his contact, and at times is working in a lovely frame. The leg aids are, it would seem, starting to make more sense to him as well.

I finished off with a couple of canters on each rein, with only one incorrect strike off (immediately followed by a flying change!), and a free walk on a long rein.

Now keen to try and organise some baby jumping exercises before the end of the week, although of course I will need to arrange to have someone here just in case I go splat, so hopefully that will be on the agenda within the next few days.

I am however, getting a wee bit concerned about how one actually manages a 20m circle within the confines of a dressage arena - even at a trot, let alone a canter!

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