Sunday, October 5, 2008

Getting Impatient

Although it was not the nicest of weather, I had decided that I would have a wee sit on the new pony today. However, he is still a bit sore at the walk so canned that idea, bringing him in for a bit of a brush and putting some clothes on him instead. Having looked at the photos, I can quite clearly see that the mane should have had a bit of attention too....oh well, tomorrow's another day.

He is proving to be very easy, coming through the tape for me without catching him, and the same when putting him back with the others after dinner. He also appears to be totally non aggressive in the paddock, but also prepared to stick up for himself - which is a relief after the bullying Willie was subjected to initially.

When I brought him in today, he was a little worried to start with but soon settled even though he couldnt see his friends. When he heard Sox come GALLOPING up when Saarin called her, although he grew a hand, he didnt move AT ALL, so that's all good.

Unfortunately, it is looking like Willie's boots are not going to fit him, and he was quite funny when I first put them on; lifting his feet right up in the air, and doing some very strange things with his backs. But a few moments of leading him around and he soon relaxed.

I wonder if he has at some stage had problems with saddle fit, or perhaps cover rub on the wither, as he was very anxious being saddled. So I simply put it on and off a few times till he relaxed, then did up the girth quietly, again leading him around to relax him.

Of course I couldnt resist trying a bridle on him too. Thankfully he fits a normal Hack bridle (not even on the last holes), unlike Willie who is in an OS. The new pony was also very polite to put the bridle on and off too, so another point scored in his favour. The reins however look far too short, so I may have to try and get some extra long ones - if that is possible.

Can't wait till he is sound enough to be shod and we can start really playing.

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