Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Jump!

Had my first few jumps on the new pony today.
Just little cross bars, but WOW, he nearly fired me off at the first jump!
Came in at a sedate trot and out of nowhere came this massive big launch. The rest of the little jumps (X's with baby fillers) I knew a little more what to expect and was able to just go with him. He has tremendous power behind, and has a very comfortable jump, although did become a little strong.

Photos courtesy of Mum who at 85 has quite a bit of trouble trying to take photos - so they were initially tiny weeny dots in the distance which have been cropped.

The one jumping pic she actually somehow managed to video it on her camera and I took a still off, so pretty poor quality - but hey, its a photo!
Not his best attempt as he was starting to just pop over at that stage, rather than launch.

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