Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The New Pony arrives - 02.10.09

Hello all; here I am-but where is here?

I have to say that I was for once relieved when a horse turned out NOT to be quite as big as I had thought it was.

Hmmmm; not sure of those chicken sounds

Obviously must have been in a slight hollow the other day, as on level ground he looked almost normal sized. We did measure him as soon as we got him home, and can now say that he is 17.2 ( easily). Whew!

Saarin caught him, and loaded him and then unloaded him when we got home, so despite his size she obviously felt comfortable handling him. Then we quickly dressed his foot, wormed him and let him go in the paddock to enjoy the sun on his back.

Of course the others had to come and introduce themselves, but no squealing or arguments (so far!). Jackson seemed to approve, and Willie was just furious cos the new pony totally ignored him and stayed just out of reach for a proper introduction.

surveying the new realm

I will give it a day or so before letting him in with the others. I have no doubt that Willie will be most un-impressed.

Left him to it for the day, but did wonder what I had let myself in for when I was unable to catch him to put his cover on. He simply kept walking away and staying just out of reach - hopefully that will change as he gets to know us (it usually does) but in the meantime perhaps I should resort to a little bit of bait.

Ooooh: Hello! will you be my new friend? (Jackson is actually about 16.2 at the wither - but much smaller to sit on - and wider!)

However, later became rather annoyed when my partner announced that he thought the new pony suited the name "Johnson". Then was told he didnt like oddfellows, but had enjoyed a good rub all over. Hmmmph, I couldnt catch the blighter and non horsey partner walked right up to him and made a fuss of him!

Come here and say hello, Goddamit!

Blacksmith here first thing in the morning to give the new pony a pedicure, and hopefully find the root of Willies lameness.

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