Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hard Work for an unfit nana clip clop

Thrilled with the way his flatwork is coming on, but he is incredibly hard work.

At canter he is very difficult to keep going, particularly on the right rein, although as he becomes better balanced and stronger it should get easier, however the 'go' button is on mute so I am working three times as hard as I should be.

The lack of impulsion shows through, particularly jumping. Did some more baby jumps today and he totally wore me out.
The steering is not always the best (and hey, why not cock your jaw and go round them), but it is the 'go' that is noticeably lacking. We trot into them almost going nowhere which then results in the humungous leap which is not the easiest to stay with.
I tried cantering in, but simply could not keep him in lots and lots of flat work I guess will be needed.

I would have liked to have done some bigger jumps, but feel I really need to get more established and going forward into the baby ones first.

Getting on continues to be a problem.

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