Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Ride

Unfortunately no photos as I had nobody to take them, and I am not sure mum's eyesight would be good enough ??
Poor old mum drove down to the shed so there would at least be someone present in case of disaster. Given that I have neither seen him ridden or sat on him myself, I guess it was sensible to be cautious at this stage.

Tacked him up and led him out to my mounting block (old sawhorse) , stood up on it with one foot in the stirrup to which there was no reaction - not even a moment of tension. So I simply got on, and sat down....still not even the slightest sign of any anxiety, so off we went.

What a dude!

He just quietly walked around the paddock, so although he was still sore I couldnt resist a few trot strides just to see. He is obviously Very green and as he has been very lame I didnt push him, and he did feel a little 'off', but am definitely now itching for him to be sound enough to get some shoes on him and really start playing.

Let us hope he continues to behave in such an obliging manner.
- He even puts his head down so you can put his bridle on and off - which is probably just as well!

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