Friday, October 10, 2008

Spit & Polish

Ok, well as the weather was not really conducive to the first 'clamber on and see what happens', and Mum tells me I should have someone else there when I do, I thought I would bring the pony in and just spend some time grooming & fussing over him.

What a novelty it is to have a horse with a thick (read bushy) mane and tail! ... and the tail is still thick even though it had been seriously thinned just before I got him - shame as I had been looking forward to shaping it - oh well, it'll grow.
Yes; the pony has a tail (although I should have made him stand up straight for his photo)

Spent a bit of time fiddling with his mane, but it is so thick it needs some serious thinning, and as the wee boy was quite anxious and not in a standing still frame of mind, I decided to leave that for a later date. He was however marvelous to do his bridle path, putting his head down for me.
Short thick bushy mane desperately in need of thinning now its been trimmed up a bit.

He seems to have rather a lot of little bits out of him, and picky places, and so I washed him in vetadine, which did not impress him whatsoever and I found myself continually on the move. He was actually quite worried about it all for some reason, and I did unfortunately find that he had had a cover rub on his wither which was almost healed - until I pulled at that flakey bit of skin I could see - WHOOPS ; which is how I found it. On with ointment, cotton padding and a rather skimpy (OS) vest. So hopefully it'll heal pretty quickly.

So despite his anxiety today, we managed to give him a bit of a tidy up, and hopefully he will be starting to realise that I really am not going to do anything (intentional) to hurt him.

Took some photos of his new haircut, and his tail - which I can see from the pics actually needs trimming at the bottom!

Also him in his miniskirt nightshirt. (Believe it or not it is a 5'6")

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