Sunday, December 30, 2012

Woodhill Sands - 3/4 November 2012

On this occasion Sampson travelled alone, and I have to say that without his girlfriend to distract him, he seemed a lot more relaxed when away from the yarding area.

Gave him a short warm up, and he didnt seem too bad.
Did a good test, just becoming a little unsettled in the middle of the test (people walking cross country!), but overall I was pleased with him, and he did try.
9th place

Was very relaxed standing waiting, but as soon as I tried to warm him up he became very difficult....I was getting in everyone's way and he was getting more and more of a pratt.
Someone wisely advised me to just let him stand and chill out a bit then go straight in and jump.  That he was only getting more and more wound up the longer I tried to warm up.

So that's what I did.
He did one sideways just before the start and off we went.
He was quite forward and keen, and definitely giving everything plenty of air.
Clear to go into 6th place

Gave him a relatively short warm up, and he gave me a super ride.
I basically just sat and steered - didnt need to kick him along at all;  just steer in the general direction of the jumps.
Finished clear under time for 4th place.

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