Sunday, December 30, 2012

Puhinui Horse Trial 8/9 Dec 2012

Having had a SJ lesson on the Tuesday leading up to the event, I knew that my back was still too dodgy to ride, so again, Frank gave the wee boy a good outing.

Quite relaxed, as he had been essentially since he arrived on the Friday, so did a nice enough test;  a little overbent at times, but not too bad.
64.5%  (16th place)

Lovely track, nicely built jumps on a flowing course.
Frank gave Sampson a lovely ride to again finish clear under time.

This was the next day, the dressage and cross country having been on the Saturday.
Sampson warmed up well, and it was lovely to see his ears flicking forwards on the approach when Sharon put the practice jump up a bit.

They jumped a lovely round, and looked quite the partnership.
Unfortunately Sammie came a little deep to the last jump (double) and just took the front rail, but looked like he was really trying all the way round.

4 faults

Sampson finished the competition in 8th place - another top ten placing for him and Frank.

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