Sunday, December 30, 2012

Te Rapa Horse Trial - 29.09.2012

Very sensible warming up (NO skedaddles at all - not even a hint of one).
Lovely to ride in his test, soft and obliging...just one wee skedaddle up last centre line when horse behind him, but very pleased with him
7th place

Funny little course, and he seemed to go off the boil when we went in, and was ummm too quiet.  Didnt really have enough GO, and as a result the round felt shocking....we were lucky to only have the one rail.
This put him into 3rd place going into XC

A few twists and turns, so not really a galloping track for a big horse.
However, I was kicking him along all the way, so was very surprised to have accumulated 13.2 time faults, which cost him second place.
 However, in hindsight, I can accept that he wasnt really going forward (hence me having to kick him all the way), rather than just sitting and steering.  The course with its twists and turns also probably didnt really suit him.
However, he went clear, finishing in 7th place, so can't really complain.

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