Friday, March 13, 2009

SJ look-see

Took the pony to the local mini circuit with Willie, just to have a look around (hadn't planned on riding him).

He would alternate between being pretty relaxed while wandering around, to being a real handfull - leaping about, and I think he reared at one stage also. Basically he is a bit full of himself, and was also, I think, being nappy....just wanted to go back to his friend and tried to use his size to argy bargy me. Funny how when he was walking in one direction, poles falling and jumps crashing had no effect, yet in the other direction it was cause for leaping about, and at one stage passaging!

However, I guess at least I took him out.

Took his vest and everything off and let him run naked (wound and all) this afternoon. When I rode this afternoon I remembered why I prefer to have him covered....with a cover the bite marks show. Without a cover, there is blood drawn!

Had my first (tentative) trot since his injury today. I was very nervous, and he felt like he could do a bit of anything. He was definitely thinking about getting back to his mates, and it didnt help that Willie was trotting round like a demented flea while a bot fly chased him.

However, no disasters and we both survived.

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