Friday, March 20, 2009


Today we learned how to disengage.
We also worked on simply standing.
And moving our shoulders over when asked.
All at the walk, and even so, every now and then he packed a wee sad....into disengagement stance, standing still, relax, and then we behave ourselves.

I will be working on that for the next week, so that he becomes weaker in his resistance, and I become stronger. The disengagement also gives me a tool for when I get into that 'what if' mode, rather than clutching at the reins, leaning forward and tensing.

There will be moments where I have to simply be brave, and we will get through this current phase. As I have said before, he is too nice a horse not to learn how to ride him.

I am now feeling a lot more positive that the current phase can indeed be overcome.
Perhaps we can even think about aiming at Kaurilands again?

The injury continues to heal nicely, however I wonder if it is becoming very itchy, as his dressing although still attached, was munted, and he has also made the injury bleed each day some energetic rolling and itching going on I think.

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