Monday, March 16, 2009

I hate being a Nanna!

Sampson seems to have come back into work really feeling his oats. He is a lot more forward - before his injury he could be hard work, and now a little squeeze and he goes up into trot...good really I guess....if I werent so worried about being carted off into the distance.

However, he has also become quite herd bound, and spends most of his time thinking about getting back to his friends (he was kept with Kit prior to his accident, who was bottom of the pecking order, but now he is in with the herd leader).

There have been several leapy boundy moments, and he is also very spooky (although I am picking that that is simply an excuse to get the better of me).

The problem with being an old nanna, in addition to being a 'what if' person, is that, quite frankly, I am becoming quite scared to ride him. Of course, he is revelling in my timidity!

Very frustrating, as just before his injury, I was on top of his little nappy moments, and happy to ride him in whatever paddock, including cantering etc.

Yesterday there was just one nappy moment which I dealt with. I didnt much like the trotting ... one fart, two farts, tense up, and woohoooo....I think I did just about manage a semi normal trot at one stage.

Today, we had a spin round take off in leapy boundy 'things' (twice). Although I did get past whatever monster he was imagining. However, my attempt at trotting was aborted several times....he would grunt, tense up, go sideways, and eeeeek - poor nanna was terrified. I finished the ride having managed to get two circles of trot.

Common sense tells me that I am not going to fall off, I can actually deal with whatever he does (I just need to be brave), and that he is simply trying me out - rather than him being a psycho pony. ... but.... its an awfully long way up!

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