Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Had a few skedaddles at trot today, and then a frustration buck as I basically had him so it was difficult to skedaddle!

Getting really frustrated, as it seems I will never be back to where I was with him, and able to just trot (or canter) normally. It is like I have to have him in a head lock, mincing along to be in a position to prevent him 'doing' anything. He is just so strong (and very quick for a big horse), that as soon as I give him an inch, he is gone, and we are skedaddling and leaping.

I seem to recall a time when we could trot normally with no drama (and the biggest problem was keeping him going forward!)... right now, I think I would be thankful if our only problem was that he was hard work!

Oh well, we will keep plugging away at it.

The injury must be pretty itchy now, as he has wrecked the gamgee most days now, and has made the wound bleed despite which it still shows improvement every day. He also tries to bite at it sometimes while riding. However, very pleased with the healing.

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