Saturday, August 20, 2011

Winter Show Jumping WEC

Ok, time to hand over the reins again...hopefully just short term till I'm properly back on deck and feel I am healed enough to clamber back on the wee guy.

Been interesting for him this week since I fell off....Counting me on Sunday (when I went splat) he has been ridden by five different people - gotta be good for him (and I cant say he was unduly concerned by anybody who hopped on) . Even Saarin has had a couple of rides this week, and I think is keen to have a bit of a jump on him - interestingly she found him easier to ride than Willie.

HUGE thanks to Angela Magee who rode him today at the Winter Show jumping...she rode him beautifully and I could see that he enjoyed himself.

First in the first class, and unsure as yet as to his placing in the second.

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