Sunday, September 11, 2011

Taupo Training Trial 11.09.2011

Well, having fallen off twice in two days Mid August (and managing to knock myself out, and damage my ribs and butt muscle) I was not ready to jump yet - let alone compete.

Thankfully, Frank stepped into the Breech, and as usual did a sterling job with the wee pony.

Saturday was practice show jumping, and Sampson was lucky enough to have a rider that was happy to step up the height quite a bit. He jumped very well, although to be honest watching, it still didnt really look like he had to make a heck of an effort!

I did notice however, that in his yard Sampson was quite wound up, and far less relaxed than he would normally be in the safe sanctum of his yard. Not much hay was eaten and mucking out was nigh on impossible given the fact he had not stood still at all. Perhaps he knew this was a "real" outing ?? and was excited?

Anyhow, Poor Frank was swapping between horses with barely moment to catch breath. I led Sampson over to the warm up area, and (Murphy's Law) commented as to how relaxed he seemed and that for the first time ever at Taupo I had been able to lead him across on the buckle with no passage moments. I had also taken my "shit strap" off the saddle thinking no way would it be required.

Seems pony had a complete meltdown when he went to the warm up area for his ring (right in front of Charisma Hall)....apparently there were a lot of leaps and interesting movements, before he was put into a 15m canter circle and basically had to keep going till sanity returned. He JUST managed to hold it together for his test, and actually did some nice work...not so easy to ride when he has got to the curling under stage prior to his test. 10th in the dressage with ~65%

Show jumped clear, although had two attempts at napping, which Frank quickly put right, and went very well XC to finished 18 secs under time on his dressage score, placing 5th out of a very large class - not too bad for a horse that became a feral beast prior to his dressage.

I was also pleased with his fitness, as due to my injury he has not had the last few weeks proper build up - not that I wanted him too fit at this end of the season. However, the consistent work he has had, meant that he finished happily, and not blowing.

Now to get myself back in the saddle, and get my brain back into the right mode.
(Brave pills would still be on the menu if I could source some)


Ruffles said...

Sounds like he pulled through pretty well after his little 'meltdown'.

kezza said...

He is a funny bugger eh? With all those mood swings would have thought he was a mare!!!!!